Janessa N. Valera, P.A.



Janessa N. Valera, P.A. advises clients on the U.S. tax implications of investing and operating in the United States and abroad. The firm also assists clients with fulfilling their U.S. tax compliance obligations. The firm's clients include U.S. and non-U.S. individuals, companies, trusts, and estates.

U.S. Tax Advisory Services

Janessa N. Valera, P.A. provides U.S. and non-U.S. clients with tax advice on an array of matters, such as establishing and selling U.S. businesses, structuring of multinational business operations, investment in U.S. real estate, pre-immigration planning, and estate planning. The firm works closely with clients in delivering practical solutions that meet their specific needs.

U.S. Tax Compliance Services

At Janessa N. Valera, P.A., U.S. federal and state tax returns as well as international information returns are prepared for U.S. individuals, companies, trusts, and estates, as applicable. The firm also prepares tax forms relevant to non-U.S. individuals, companies, trusts, and estates with U.S. connections. In addition, the firm assists clients with coming into compliance to the extent they are not current with their U.S. tax and/or reporting obligations. As part of providing tax compliance services, the firm is dedicated to guiding clients through tax rules and minimizing their taxes through strategic planning.